Incorporated in 1989, by decision of the Assembly of Delegates of the Swiss Union of Property Professionals, the Swiss Chamber of Expert Property Valuers (CEI) has as its goal to value the image of property experts as a specialised branch in the real estate profession, through its members competence and through their particular commitment to ongoing training and development.

It is now a player in the real estate world with judicial and administrative authorities, financial and insurance institutions as well as the public, assisting them with the choice of a qualified expert guaranteeing impeccable ethics.

In addition, it promotes the cohesion of methods of preparation and conception of valuations and their recognition in the areas where they are applied.


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Yves Cachemaille

Random focus on our members

An expert member of the CEI carries out their work on the basis of knowledge and experience acquired by analysis and observation of the market, as well as from important economic data regarding the object of the valuation.

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Assemblée générale : 27 avril 2023 à Bulle

Séminaire pratique : 27 avril 2023 à Bulle