Certification ISO 17024

The professionalisation of the profession continues and the CEI is actively collaborating. A few weeks ago a certification was launched for persons in the field of buildings development according to the ISO 17024 standard. It was set up by the SEC (Swiss Experts Certification SA) in collaboration with the CEI, the SIV and CSE SVIT.

  • WHO?
    This personal certification may, in principle, be obtained by any trained property valuer who is a member of one of the Swiss property valuers associations, with at least 5 years ' professional experience.
  • WHEN?
    The certification is not lifelong. Every 5 years, the expert certification will be re-examined based on a dossier with details of their ongoing training, references, and two reports..
  • HOW?
    The expert will have to prepare a dossier with all the elements required by the standard. After analysing their record, a review board will invite the candidate for a personal interview. This board consists of equal numbers of members of the CEI, the SIV and the CSE SVIT.
  • WHY?
    This certification is part of the ongoing professionalisation of property experts. This standard helps certified experts by having them entered on a Swiss Register, as a reference for public bodies and institutions controlled by FINMA. On the other hand, this new certification reassures clients regarding the skills, experience and ethical principles of the experts they commission.

The CEI encourages all its members to take the necessary steps to obtain this certification.

For more information, please download the new standard

Demande de certification