In addition to regular and relevant further training through dedicated courses and seminars, CEI promotes the acquisition of the Federal Expert Property Valuer’s Diploma, the official Federal certification recognised by the State Secretariat for Training, Research and Innovation (SEFRI). 

An expert property valuer with the Federal Diploma provides professional services in the field of property valuation with a clientele consisting of individuals, groups  (e.g. heirs), foundations or companies and public authorities.

Beyond the purely "technical" and methodological skills that every expert should have, there are others. These include:

    It is important for the expert to identify the needs of their client and offer advice that meets their objectives within the limits of the rules of conduct every expert must respect.
    Depending on the individual job and nature of the property, the expert must correctly apply the correct analysis and calculation methods, according to national and international valuation guidelines. They must also judge the socio-political and legal influences taking into account sustainable development indicators and other important factors (future changes in value, risks and opportunities relating to the property).
    Finally, the property expert can also advise his client regarding possibilities for energy saving, efficiency, renovations and optimising use and maximising returns.

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