Professional rules and conduct

The field of property expertise has been significantly professionalised in recent years, with as a corollary the strict observance by expert members of rules of ethics and professional conduct in property matters.

    Members only accept commissions if they have the knowledge and experience required. If the commission requires specific knowledge which they do not personally have, they will inform their client and offer to consult a colleague with the appropriate expertise.

    Members commit to making objective and impartial reports. Their independence should be unquestionable. They must take into account all data and if necessary formulate their statements and conclusions in a way that the client can clearly understand their scope and meaning. The valuation may consider or give special treatment to the client’s material, financial or personal needs. In this case, and if there is disagreement with objective data, the expert will strive to clarify the results appropriately. 

    Any knowledge acquired during a commission is treated confidentially. Expert members of the CEI are forbidden to share it with anyone except their client. If it becomes necessary to share information, the expert will undertake to seek the written consent of their client. Expert members of the CEI shall refuse commissions in cases where he is involved (towards persons or objects) and refrain, to the extent possible, from achieving expertise for members of his family or relatives. 

    In addition, members have effective tools with methods of rigorous analysis, efficient computer programmes and media as well as researched core documentation and regular monitoring of training and development seminars.