Becoming a member

If you want:

  • To benefit from the different events and training seminars;
  • To give yourself visibility in your line of activity and meet other professionals in the field;
  • To be represented at national level as a professional property expert;
  • To be kept informed of all innovations and changes within the field.

Then we advise you to request membership of the Chamber, in one of four categories of members:

  • Expert member
  • Junior expert member
  • Honorary member
  • Auxiliary member (for companies and participating companies) 


Expert members

Expert members meet all of the Chamber’s standards for experience, quality, ethics and professionalism. To be admitted to the Chamber as an expert member, an individual must meet the following cumulative conditions:

Being a member or employee of a member of an association affiliated to the Swiss Union of Property Professionals (USPI). This requirement may be waived if the candidate has the federal diploma for a property valuation expert.


 Hold one of the following certificates:

- Federal property valuation expert’s diploma,
- Federal buildings manager’s diploma,
- Federal estate agent’s diploma,
- Property administrator’s higher diploma,
- EPF or HES technical engineer’s diploma,
- Institute for Real Estate Studies (IEI) post-graduate diploma,
- IREC (EPFL) diploma
- Significant experience in property valuation deemed equivalent


In all cases, admission to membership is conditional on professional practice for at least three years in the field of the property valuation, complemented by participation in at least one training seminar organised by the CEI. This obligation may be set aside if the candidate has practiced as an expert for at least three years and participated in at least two training seminars organised by the CEI.


A candidate must submit to the Chamber’s secretariat three expert work files.

The expert member candidate is then summoned to appear before the three-member Membership Committee. The Committee and the Commission undertake to treat all information contained in an application on a strictly confidential basis. 

The name and contact details of the expert member are then published in the lists of recognised experts. 

The admission fee is CHF 1000.- and the annual membership fee is fixed at CHF 500.- 

Junior expert members

Junior expert members are trained professionals, but have not yet sufficient experience to comply in all respects with the requirements of professional practice. To be admitted to the Chamber as a junior expert member, an individual must meet the following cumulative conditions:


Hold a Federal Property Valuation Expert’s Diploma.


The candidate must submit to the Chamber’s Secretariat, two letters of recommendation from two neutral expert members of the Chamber.

Once endorsed by the Chamber’s Committee, the candidate must comply with all the conditions of admission of an expert member, within a period of 3 years. 

The name and contact details of the junior member are then published in the lists of recognised experts but with 'junior' attached to their name. 


The initial admission fee is CHF 500.- and the annual membership fee is fixed at CHF 300.- 

At final admission within three years, the admission fee is CHF 500.- and the annual fee is CHF 500.- 

Any application for admission must be submitted to the Secretariat of the CEI, accompanied by the following documents:

a) an application form duly completed;
b) a curriculum vitae stating the candidate’s training and work experience;
c) copies of their professional diplomas or certificates.

For further information, please feel free to contact our representative in your canton or the Secretariat


Honorary members

The General Assembly may, on proposal of the Committee, appoint honorary members. Honorary members may be proposed from among active members who have distinguished themselves, during their careers, by their distinguished professional contribution and/or have rendered significant service to the Chamber.

These, while keeping their rights as expert members, will be exempted from the obligations referred to in Articles 5 and 9 of the Statutes. 

Auxiliary members

As auxiliary members, companies and businesses can nominate 2 of their employees who are not members of the CEI to attend seminars and training courses organised by the Chamber.

Neither participating companies nor their employees who are not members of the CEI, are eligible for the Committee or the Membership Committee. They may not describe themselves as belonging to the CEI and their names will not be published in the lists of approved experts. They cannot participate in the General Assemblies of the CEI or use the emblem of the CEI.

Articles 5, 6 and 9 of the Statutes apply to them.

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