CEI – SIV Partnership

In 2012, the members decided to establish formal cooperation with the SIV (Swiss Association of Property Valuers). The details of the collaboration in question were finalised by the two associations through a formal collaboration agreement.

This cooperation offers the two organisations the following advantages:

    Collaboration between the CEI, mainly active in French-speaking Switzerland, and the SIV which is strongly represented in German-speaking Switzerland, is a first step towards the establishment of a Swiss Association of Property Experts. Eventually, that would be representative of the three linguistic regions of the country and stand as a reference body for property expertise at national level.
    The many exchanges between the committees of the two bodies offer members the opportunity to participate in various seminars and conferences organised by CEI and SIV. The provision of further training for members is thus greatly extended and allows regular updating of their knowledge of property expertise.

    A common directory gives greater visibility of members to potential clients, regardless of where they are. In addition, this national presence, in place of small local, ad hoc or competing organisations, primarily serves as a standardisation which allows potential clients to see the profession more clearly. This is not only true for private clients who only call for the services of an expert once in their lives, but also for the courts, lawyers, notaries, i.e. anyone not directly connected with the real estate world.

    In a world where expert knowledge is ever-changing, it is now essential to ensure the best representation of our profession’s interests, something which has become a specialisation in its own right. It is vital for the public to understand the need to consult trained and experienced experts. There are still too many unsupported valuations being given and that is hardly desirable from an ethical point of view.

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